Animated version of the Black Star Initiative logo
A photo of the Runabout 43 yacht out in the open sea
Title: 'Runabout 43 Yacht Brochure'

The design approach for the Runabout 43 gives it a sporty yet classic aesthetic that makes for a fun yachting experience ideal for casual lovers of the sea.

With the design of this brochure I wanted to avoid the elitist or super-luxurious image that can often be found with many yachting identities. Instead opting for a more accessible look that is true to the design philosophy of the boat itself.


Photo of the Runabout 43 brochure cover
Photo of Runabout 43 brochure page spread
Title: 'Colours & Typography'
Title: 'Header Analogue'
Title: 'Brandon Text'
Swatch colour samples
Sample of font used for headers
Sample of font used for body text
Photo of Runabout 43 by the coast with Italian town in the background
Photo of Runabout 43 brochure page spread
Title: 'Brand Update'

One of the first tasks that I embarked upon was an update to the Moonride logo. The client wished to maintain the organisation of the elements but were open to a more modern and professional interpretation of what they had.

Comparison of previous and updated Moonride logo
Closeup of detail of Runabout 43 yacht
Photo of Runabout 43 brochure page spread
Final slide with anchor icon only
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