|     Client: NAVAJO     |     Service: Website Design/Development     |     Year: 2021

|     1. Introduction

NAVAJO is a marketing agency located in the world renown Silicon Valley that services a number of leading technology providers based in that same region. Drawing from a close creative team to provide professional content and design solutions for their clients.

I was approached by NAVAJO for my particular skillsets to design and build for them a new website that would not only provide visitors with key information about the company, but serve as a prime example of their brand identity.

|     2. Brand Elements

Brand elements including type and colours
Brand elements including type and colours

|     3. Design     |     Market Expertise

List of markets that Navajo specialise in

|     4. Design     |     Clients

Client logos

|     5. Design     |     Video Banners

|     6. Design     |     Blog

Article from website blog

|     7. Design     |     Footer

Design of website footer

Visit the website.

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