CNI logo

|     1. Introduction

A venture capital company that operates primarily in the Nordic region, CNI is the type of firm that invest heavily with whomever they work, getting involved with the daily operations of their partners in order to achieve greater overall efficiency with fantastic results. This hands-on approach springs from the combined energy and diligence of each person on the CNI team and was a direct influence in developing the bold style of the brand, from the colour palette to the layout tools, right down to the core concept of the identity.

|     Client: CNI     |     Service: Rebranding Exercise     |     Year: 2020

CNI brand colour palette
Type used in the CNI brand

|     4. Concept

The concept of the CNI brand is rooted in the firm’s goal:

To give promising new companies the chance to fulfil their potential with hands-on business expertise.

Outlining the concept of the CNI brand
Applying the concept to the CNI signature
Colour variations of CNI logo
Explaining the CNI brand tools
Mockups of CNI advertising
Introducing the CNI pattern design
CNI mockups of phone, mug, and business cards
CNI mock-ups of lanyard, cufflinks and hockey gear
CNI mock-ups of wall clock and stand-up flag
CNI brand guidelines
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