Animated version of the Black Star Initiative logo
Concept art of Rover exiting Valkyrie from Star Citizen

Black Star Initiative is one of the many gaming communities that have sprung up and grown over the years by supporters of Chris Roberts long-awaited science fiction space simulator Star Citizen. With a member count reaching 2,000 players, BSI has used the protracted development time of the game to build a community with a strong vision and excellent organisation; creating military-inspired staff groups that oversee every aspect of the community from IT requirements to diplomatic relations with other Star Citizen organisations. In early 2020, I became involved with revitalising their brand identity. Inspired by the level of committment that I saw from their staff members, I wanted to lay the groundwork for an impactful, unique, dynamic and modern brand identity that would support their communication needs moving into the next decade.

Details on the logo, fonts and colours for the BSI brand
Explaining the layout system for the BSI brand
Examples of the BSI layout system
Sample pages from the BSI brand guidelines
Concept art of infantry from Star Citizen
Short narrative story about infantry landing in dropship
Explaining what the BSI operation orders are
Samples pages from one of the BSI op-ords
Samples covers from different BSI op-ords
Samples pages from one of the BSI op-ords
Introducing the BSI digital badges
Mock-ups of the BSI badges
Visuals of the BSI Shareholders and Admiralty Reports
Samples of different BSI patches
Mock-ups of BSI patches
Visual of flying group formations reference card
Black Star Initiative Racing Team logo
Mock-up of BSIRT welcome poster
BSI logo
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