Everyday is an adventure

Growing up with my eyes glued to afternoon cartoons in the 80’s and my head buried in comic books in the 90’s was the perfect recipe for an overactive imagination. ‘What if…?’ was a common start to daydream musings. ‘What if He-Man fought Wolverine?’, ‘What if you travelled at Warp 10?’. I carried this curious nature and love of pop-culture from yesteryear with me into adulthood, starting out as a graphic designer working for local agencies on some of Malta’s top brands.

For a decade I mixed business with pleasure as I learned to hone my skills designing work within short timeframes to deliver specific messages. Always looking for ways to do so in a way that entertained and delighted. Finally, after having cut my teeth in the industry for several years, I set out to work as a freelance graphic designer and Beagle Works was born!

Today, I quietly craft creative solutions for my awesome clients. Mixing a methodical work approach with that same playful curious nature. This duality of structure and imagination is what allows me to keep the aesthetic and functional aspects of my work in balance.

Working from my home studio based in the beautiful island that has adopted me, I live a creative lifestyle that dismisses trends, explores the unknown, and avoids comfort zones. Making everyday a design adventure.

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